Why We Ride

The panoramic and stark white shots of the Bonneville land speed tryouts alone are worth the price of admission. Add to that the beautiful, articulate Melissa Paris and Laura Klock’s mother-daughter-daughter team with… Continue reading

Heaven is…

…on a Honda, in a southern October, the smell of race fuel in the air.

Motorcycling and the Art of Loosening Knots

The message was cryptic enough to wear on my sleeve, because we all know wearing your heart there is a nuisance.  It was written in Farsi, a language that looks as elegant as… Continue reading

Adventures without Men: The Sad Truth About Women and Adventure Touring

After the umpteenth episode of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s Long Way Round and Long Way Down series, I ran across some Internet chatter about women riding along on adventure rides with men to attempt to push… Continue reading